What shoes withstand the harsh Russian winter women 2021

I often see how young people are worried even in minus 15-20 walking down the street in light and mostly not insulated shoes. I can say, from the height of my life experience, such experiments with their health lead in old age to very large health problems. Everything happens imperceptibly, but the payback does not bypass.

Almost all the elderly people begin with leg problems. And they begin with almost the overcoming of the 40-year-old turn. The supercooling provokes the development of the diseases, which we unfortunately, according to youth, do not perceive. What is there, stand at the stop of 15-20 minutes in anticipation of the bus and so all day, from the heat in the cold and vice versa.

And then the question arises, what to acquire shoes so that it is perfect for our Russian cold. So that your legs are always in dryness and warm? So, to buy once, purposefully, not a naobum from the nearest market or market. Take a look at the ASCALINI brand. Judging by the network reviews, this shoes can withstand up to 5 seasons, with minor changes, it is possible to replace the stelc. Here I show you female models.

But for men, they are perfectly suitable not bulky, but insulated fur boots brand Tofa. Price range slightly more

I can not not mention the most famous brand, winter shoes from

Since 2010, the company, besides specialization on male shoes, began to produce women’s models. You can find them in stores that you can switch to a product widget. Tofa and Ralf Ringer brands shoes are perfectly withstanding our frosts under -30 degrees Celsius. But Ascalini is perfectly withstanding up to -10, and then it is better to wear thermal socks.

I understand that now a very large number of brands are represented in the markets. Definitely price range from

Therefore, these brands will be a very convenient option for the price and quality. I suppose you have your own, proven and loved brands.