What to do if your wife has registered on the dating site

Remembering his family life, was able to find

We lived in the soul in the soul of about 7 years. They say this is a critical point of family relationships. And as it turned out, I could not overcome it. Yes, it is me. Since I do not want to blame another person who has become close to me. Probably, somewhere did not finalize in the intricacies of life. And now, one day, a pre-involved incident happened, which made a dormant in my soul, which led to the divorce.

Spouse The first left in the morning to work. I had time in the morning to engage my business, then go and check how my people work in the shopping pavilions. I sat down at the desktop to the computer, opened the browser to check the mail and suddenly, in all our glory, the last saved page of my wife on a dating site appears in front of me. Access by password no longer needed.

Imagine, I have a chill on the body ran from misunderstanding, as you can be married and seek dating on the Internet. And there is a handsome with its best photo in a nyushny form, though in the face. I sat for a long time, for the computer and pondered the situation. How? A girl from a good family, who never expressed me discontent with our family life and so, began to be interested in dating with other men?

In the evening, of course was the analysis of flights. I don’t remember exactly how my wife justified, but clearly remember the words of my mother-in-law: «What happened to such a terrible, the girl was just bored and she decided to talk on the Internet.» I remember that I made arguments as I use the Internet to search for ideas for business, but not for such nuch. That’s how we left this question not solved. The only thing I achieved, with me a wife deleted his account from a dating site.

The situation gradually lay down. But there was no dormant in my feelings and accumulated some time while I did not decide to leave and subsequently divorce. For me, it was a betrayal, did not fit in my head, as you can want to get acquainted with others when there is a husband and family life, albeit is not an American dream, but stable. Without some physiological disorders, as you understand, without misunderstanding, which then still happened.

Have you ever had such situations in your life and how to go to this situation? What do you think?