What to do Russians with the introduction of Google tax 24% on the income from YouTube

Control and once again control. Now it has come to control over income from YouTube is not US citizens. Probably, many authors have received an official letter from Google with an explanation of the situation. According to Chapter 3 of the US Tax Code, Google is obliged to collect tax information of all the monetizing content of the authors living on the territory of the United States.

If on the author’s channel, there are videos that people view from the USA, the author is obliged, according to the law, pay from the total income from such a tax in the amount of 24%. But what if the author is already paying taxes in his own country? Say in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries? Indeed, in this case, double taxation will be carried out and the whole point of earnings is lost.

In this case, you need to clarify. Is there an agreement between the countries on the removal of double taxation. Russia and the United States has such an agreement and it is carried out from January 1, 1994. What needs to be done so that Google does not take the channel from the Russian author automatically a tax of 24%? And for this, it is necessary to carry out a small operation to fill information in the Adsense advertising office.

So, go to the advertising office. Next, in the «Payments» section, «Settings» section, click on the pencil icon and fill out the form with the tax information of the channel owner. Where you need to specify the Inn, drive your Russian tax inn. Otherwise, the form is intuitive and fill it will not be difficult. All, then click Save.

If you live in some other country and between your country and the United States there is no agreement on the cancellation of double taxation, you will have to pay this tax or some particular part. This information must be provided by Google until May 31, 2021. Otherwise, a tax of 24% will be retained with video viewed by US citizens on your channel.

From myself I still want to notice that after granting this information, if you shy away from the payment of the tax in the Russian Federation, you still have to take free as an entrepreneur or self-employed and be sure to pay tax. Since the exchange of data between taxes and Russia as you understand will be produced. And in order not to be trouble, it is better to fulfill the law.

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