What trials are inhabitants of Norilsk every year

When we lived in Vladivostok, it was another 1978-79 and I was then only 7 years old, snow winters were preserved in my memory. And then the spring streams of melt water, in which it was so interesting to launch made from ships of ships.

In 1980, we moved to Kuban, the birthplace of my grandmother. What this winter I have no longer represented. There were years when the snow fell almost to the belt, but on the south, just a few days later everything turned into a snowpall and disappeared without a trace.

Then, what kind of winter I began to remember at the urgent service in the city of Rostov-on-Don and when I got to Siberia — Omsk. Very not familiar, snow in late September and this continued almost in May. In addition, there was no such frosty wind and the wind at which it was even difficult to breathe.

You tell me, you still did not know the author! Perhaps. But who is put on the edge of the annual survival in the most extreme conditions, so these are residents of Norilsk. It seems from there was a photo of a boy who esshically esshing with — 40 degrees. The way to warm up in the North.

Imagine drifts above your head. Hurricane wind, over 30 meters per second, which is local called «Black Purga». Even now, when I write this article on a thermometer in Norilsk -37 degrees Celsius. And we all live in anticipation of solar and warm weather. Truly, these people are ready for any cataclysms.

If you did not have time to remove the car from the street on time, it turns into a «snowdrop». So local calls those cars that fell completely snow. Such machines take only spring. Particularly active are engaged in feeding, only the case is Stakhanovskoe, drifts for 3-5 meters. While you dig up, the new layer is immediately growing.

Unusualities for the rest of Russia in Norilsk a lot. High foundations of high-rise buildings and the same exits from the entrance. Otherwise, you can not get out of the house after the snowfall. All houses are marked with huge numbers, otherwise it will not be considered in the blizzard. What is insulation, Norilsk schoolchildren will know too often.

Sometimes you have to sit at home when the blizzard becomes the strongest. And in such conditions, people are forced to go to work daily. Remember the famous Norilsk Nickel. Enterprises in the region are many and people truly heroic too. If the world comprehends the world catastrophe, perhaps Norilsk will meet it already prepared.

And you have friends, I had to work in extreme climatic conditions. Maybe even now work. Write in the comments, maybe I missed something about the peculiarities of life in Norilsk. From you like, repost and subscription!