What we lost in the television rates after the USSR

Do you remember the news from the USSR?

At the very bottom of the article, I posted a roller from the Internet about one day from the USSR on December 28, 1983. Notice how calm and peaceful say speakers? Yes, at the very beginning of the news, very much attention is paid to party congresses, meetings. Then it is said about the economy, results, people of labor. Next, about international politics. Lack of speakers, shooting effects? Yes!

But 90% of the news is positive information. From this somehow calmly in the soul, there are plans for the future, there are prospects. People from the party are thinking about us and make plans for the prospect. But in the life of the USSR there were many negative incidents, events. They were hidden. But the main thing, quickly solved, without inflaming PR to the whole country.

Now, with news from modern Russia. Two days I follow the news of the central channel at 21.00 in Moscow. Yes, positive, if you consider in percent, only 25%. Everything else, rampant vakhanlia human insoluction. I even wonder how we absorb this information, we also have the opportunity to go to work in a good spirit.

Does this information do us with stale people? Over time, yes! We are already in parallel to other people’s troubles, and some even enjoy the flow of this negative, switching from the channel to the channel in search of a new nerve tick. And when in life some person requires help, we first get our smartphone to capture the «bright» moment, and not help.

This is now she is now, the role of influence on man. The ether standing millions of rubles of taxpayers is given to the deposit of low-grade humor, retelling of other people’s lives, nightlife. Educational and cognitive programs are not in honor. Child content on the main channels, there is no place. Remember the program «Visiting a fairy tale»? I even ran up in the last lessons in those days to get at 16.00 to the movie show.

Yes, in technical terms, we are not behind the whole world, America and Europe. For us news from the USSR, this is like modern air from North Korea. We learned the technique of shows, but in the moral, ethical standards returned to the Middle Ages, when the crowd went on the square to see the next punishment of criminals. Do you agree with me?

Should the state allow television into free swimming? Maybe it is worth creating a public television council, from annually or monthly elected representatives of society? Which will follow the cultural, ethical level of submitted programs.

Otherwise, this vakhanalia does not stop the spiritual deformity. We do not forget that in the USSR it was difficult to break through creative ideas, but it is worth recognizing these difficulties allowed to still break through and the real masterpieces that we are now looking at all public holidays every year. And we do not produce new in the freedom of creativity and self-expression.

Friends, interesting is your opinion on this topic. What do you think about the television of the USSR and Russia? What not so that you would be corrected. Write, state officials read us, quite possible they will understand which spectacle after bread is truly interested in Russians!