What will be the generation of youth, after remote learning

My experiences are most connected with the future fate in the formation and subsequent life of the youngest students. Imagine the first class. A small person is just beginning to master the diploma, cleaning and here it is. All are sent to distance learning. What will be the fate of these first-graders 2020-2021? Will they be able correctly, competently and beautifully write? Is it possible to traine from the monitor screen?

I weakly imagine how the process of education of young people is going on? Write friends in the comments. Do all families have tablets or computers? How the teacher is in contact with their students. I find in the network many not printed reviews of teachers, about the organization of the educational process. How badly organized. How the load on teachers has increased.

It turns out that the teachers themselves do not all speak the computer. Why does the Ministry of Education of Russia, in this case, did not retraining teachers in an accelerated order for the summer? See how many questions arise. There are also questions, which experts will be future students in institutions and universities in this mode.

Interestingly, how is the training in those places of Russia, where we are either no, or a very weak Internet? Pupils come to get a task to school and then all at home. I understand, just so you can get out of the position. And here the Internet costs are also included. If this is a video format of communication, these are already expensive tariffs.

In the idea of remote education in principle, there is nothing wrong. But if the process is already under the student and teacher’s spent program. Like for example, tutors work. By myself, I know, all that all my knowledge was formed due to self-education. At my time, and these were the 1980s, we had a very weak teaching staff at school.

Mathematics sometimes led Voirl. Therefore, since childhood friendship with this subject I did not happen. But literature and history I have given better. All because I then went to reading historical literature, and then fiction. Because of this, there was an interest in the sciences. Chemistry, physics, astronomy. And now, do you have a lot of children on your own?

You know, but on the Internet there are tutoring projects that will help you in this hard time to give the child additional education, close the gaps in knowledge. My acquaintances spoke well about the quality of the work of teachers.

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