What will be this year with rest on the Black Sea?

Based on the situation with self-insulation and measures to counter the spread of world infection, I can assume that

However, the viral situation is only gaining momentum and even if the beginning of the summer or middle will go to the middle, it is unlikely to be allowed to rush through fresh air and the sea to the entire population of Russia to ride south. And then you go back to your homes and arrange a new Pandemic wave.

As I can assume, only residents of the Krasnodar Territory will be able to easily spend his holidays. Sky or vouchers. This will close the spread of the virus in one region, if this happens. Perhaps there will be «thorough» entries in permissions, etc. Documents. And another interesting question with the employment of the seaside population.

It is not a secret that the summer period allows the population of the Black Sea coast to make money for accommodation within the rest of the months. The work there is seasonal, if there is no rest for people, everyone who serves a huge mass of visitors will remain without livelihood. And with the work in not the resort season, there is a full calm.

I communicate with many people, among which there are optimists who consider that by the summer, perhaps a vaccine will be developed. And then, after the vaccination, everything can change. But I don’t think so. Only without a taper individual may be given to the drug, which will still be thoroughly tested. To end up, do not get different complications.

Yes, and medicine does not promise a vaccine in such a rapid time. So, this year will be lost for everyone who is used to traveling long distances. Look for the opportunity to discover the place of rest in your region. Our country is beautiful both nature and attractions. They only need to open them.

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