What will decide the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the USA

In connection with the anti-Russian rhetoric recent years, the American president has a chance to make an improvement in relationships. Dehibition and tension care is necessary for the United States and Russia. However, in front of the summit in two nuclear powers, different starting positions: in Ukraine, Belarus, Syria and Iran, the opportunity to negotiate is limited.

If over 75 sanctions against our country will not be canceled, the course on economic suffocation of Russians will continue. Under these conditions, is there a playground for joint contacts? Yes, but only in some areas:

• Return of the ambassadors of the two countries
• Resumption of diplomats
• The topic of Afghanistan
• Arms control
• Global Climatic Warming
• Creating a Cybersecurity Working Group

Finally, the United States with Russia has a common interest — in no case to prevent further escalation! No one wants to repeat the Caribbean crisis. Then Nixon’s President said that «20000 Soviet nuclear warheads can destroy all America.» Therefore, symbolic steps leading to approach.

Important an atmosphere of stability and certainty. Also, the Americans scares the Chinese factor. Mr. Kissinger said: «There is no worsen of the relationship at the same time with Beijing, and with Moscow. It is necessary to periodically wave it with one side, then on the other. And it is better to even provoke conflicts between them.

This strategy is designed for many decades. » China is a developing engine of the global economy. Russia is an industrial giant with severe military power. Now the situation has changed. One of the main factors of cooperation between the two powers is the opposition to the general Gegemon, which crushes its sanctions and threatens their safety.

The Trump administration was only assumed to Russian-Chinese partnership.

The EU train is increasingly rolling on anti-Russian rails. There is no single voice in Europe. There is a Russophobian block: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic. Other countries behave neutrally and advocate for a constructive approach: Greece, Italy, Austria, Finland. Germany and France have a more independent position.

The European Union countries are afraid of increasing trends in Russia and China, so they are hiding under the wing of Uncle Sam. But America is annoying the signed EU investment agreements with the PRC. Probably, Europe makes the gift to Americans regarding anti-Russian policies, sending diplomats and supporting sanctions.

But herself actively continues to cooperate with China. Beijing overtook the United States and became the largest trading partner for European countries.
So, the meeting of two leaders will not give big results. Putin knows that Western partners can be trusted limited. Positions are diametrically opposed, so the global reboot should not be expected.

However, the meeting will be a ray of light on a dark background of recent years. If the ice is touching, then warming is still possible. A significant shift will occur in the case of the distance of two great nuclear powers from the repetition of the Cuban crisis in 1962 — military and diplomatic confrontation using rockets.

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