When Russia will be allowed to be a rich country

A simple manner always lives in full confidence that he is the sole owner of his life. All of his decisions, only his decisions. No control from out. And as we want, it will be. Only when we directly contact the state machine, we understand that the cord in it is too small to have a significant impact. Disappointment comes, we begin to blame everything in world conspiracies and other mysterious, dark divids.

Recently, in one of the television programs, it was told about such a state as Bhutan located between India and China. As it abandoned all civilizational goods, leads environmentally friendly, agriculture. Residents of kind, peace-loving. This is the only state in the world, where together GDP, is the concept of «gross national happiness.»

When the population census occurs, the inhabitants are constantly asked: «Are they happy?» And this question, they solve the special ministry of happiness. Yes, here is the usual ministry, as in any other state. Previously, the state led closed policies and only recently opened the borders for tourists and the international community. There is information that the strong world of this, already buy real estate there, since this isolated from the mud of the modern world of the island of mountainous earth, the best place for calm, healthy, measured life.

Who understands that everything is done in the world not just so, they know that the state of Bhutan is simply allowed to be so. Because, in the case of any disaster and other troubles, a rich minority should put their roots in a calm and protected place. Once, it was also allowed to be allowed to join global technologies. Even the communist ideology of the Government of the People’s Republic of China did not prevent. But the USSR was like a bone throat!

I have an opinion that modern Russia will be allowed to become a rich and successful state, only in the case of any serious global catastrophe. When there is no other way out. The West, for example, missed his chance, he could let hundreds of thousands of qualified specialists from the countries of the former USSR, close to Europeans in culture and a little mentality. That did not happen. Europe was flooded by migrants from southern countries, far from them in culture, mentality and religion. Do not want to join the ranks of the working class.

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