Where the Russians will hide and survive in the case of world conflict

Sometimes I think about us, unlike the time of the USSR, ceased to take care. New stadiums are being built, but bunkers, which were created in a massive course in Soviet times for the period of conflict with the United States stand abandoned or even eliminated. Many of them are occupied by any commercial structures under the base, warehouses and other non-profile objects. It is clear that the threat since the times of the USSR did not disappear, but at the moment about the safety of the population they think later.

Do you really stop taking care at all? And in the USA? You know, the situation is almost the same in the United States. Officially. But many of my friends who live on another continent now write that their country does not advertise the construction of new bomb shelters, but work is carried out. They do not write anywhere. But the old Americans are hoping more on their fortified basements, which are primarily designed for very frequent tornadoes in America. Well, along the way, on other troubles.

In every American family, especially in disadvantaged countries, there are pre-prepared sets for survival. They are sold both in ordinary stores and on the Internet sites. In Russia, I met this too. For example, on the Yandex Market site. And I tell you, sets are in demand. True, our people are more practical. About the reserve takes little, mainly for traveling to nature, fishing, hunting.

In one of the chat telegrams, I talked on this topic with people. And you know, most of them represent probable conflicts not quite favorable to any of the parties. Many frankly laughed claiming that no survival set is in principle. Weapons, here is the main subject for survival and save life. The same scenarios are now offered by the majority of the film about the postpocalypse.

But I want to think about good. In any of the possible world conflicts, only some bacteria will survive. This is guaranteed. Too many weapons is on our planet. Therefore, the best option for the discharge of negative energy, on both sides of the continents, can be visited by nature. With a campaign on the most beautiful places. And how many on the planet! Go to hunt or fishing. And here, such tourist sets for survival can be simply not replaceable.

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