Where will Europe come with such a male fashion

Guys, well, without a smile, it is impossible to look at all new and new men’s fashion in Europe. I understand, a podium fashion is just the theater. But I need such an absurd theater. Here if someone did not believe earlier in the aliens from the space, it can also believe in the theory of alien conspiracy. What future are we prepared for us? To the world of cobwebs. Good. And how will we get it? Want such a cavalier, dear ladies?

I understand, many women can joke, but they would like! As a «wonderful little animals,» but not the father of their children. Do you see some new trends that move forward male fashion? I personally see a dead end. Plagiat on female fashion. But Spanish designer

As you can see, on the top photo, the designer himself

As you can see, not thick, everything

But there is a business of Europe to feelings of other people. Tolerance, this is what head of the corner. But is it a classic democracy? To impose your opinions to the majority. I’m sure there is no! Having lost the historical traditions of the Western world turned into the territory of Makhnovshchina, where groups of persons promote their interests and they do not care about the opinion of the majority. When Russia from a simple observer for idiocy will be the stronghold of its ideas, flows in fashion and other directions, remains a question.

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