Whether eternal shoes happen, my experience with the American firm

I first met the shoes of this company in the distant 1991. I just came from the army, the country was to have global changes, but at home I was waiting for my mother’s gift. Stripping from the family budget is not small money, she bought brand new ones in the commission store, imported half boots. Apparently, someone was abroad in the United States and brought this pair to the country, which was later in the store.

It should be understood what time it was. Interruptions in supplying not only clothes and shoes, but also products of essentials. Still dried up long, old, Soviet. While the country did not become some kind of import. And at this time, after the army, I cut off in new, imported half boots. Always interested in the inscription on them, which I was soon able to translate from English. It turns out that it was American work shoes.

After Kris, it was certainly surprising that. But no time twisted me in the whirlpool of a private business, I had to go to the trade of snickers, things in dirt and frost. And this shoes of the overall 8 years have kept all weather cataclysms. Then I was already interested in the manufacturer of this shoe. As always, the best things do not make profile companies.


Since 1988, the company has reached the expansion of the business, the production of products is already for ordinary Americans under the brand

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