Which truth is about USA blogger Alex Brezhnev

Tell me, you gloat when you see how it is all bad, and there is even worse behind the hill? After all, is there? Admit! Video of the Russian-speaking blogger working in the US trucker is now very popular in the countries of the former USSR. In the search for Yandex, he is one of the first on request, Russian bloggers. Name of our hero article —

Someone says that traveling in America, Alex shows reality and the truth, as the majority of Americans live in the outback. And if you compare their cardboard, smaster and not painted houses or trailers, then people living in old, but still good-quality spills in the Russian outback look rich.

Other people say he is lying. Specially shows the emphasis on the inferiority, the inconsistency and the miserable existence of the overseas people. And in fact, they all do not dare. They work, they receive support from the state, have good cars and pay mortgages. In general, the American government will not give you to go up from hunger, you will be fed and dressed.

You no longer know how to impose a filter for all this information. Believe your eyes, what is actually shown? Or doubt and say that all this is set. Like, for example, I am convinced by my friend, an ardent fan since 1960-70. Foreign years. It is clear that in your video

Video is typing good views. But we really wonder how they have. Someone, it will actually warn from rampant solutions to leave the country. Someone, just get information about the real situation, will still decide to leave and try happiness. Two channels Alex Brezhnev

Is it worth watching a video Alex Brezhnev? I think yes. We call us —

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