Who are such marginals.

English words Margin and Marginal are translated into Russian as

In the Soviet Union, for example, they were called «declassified elements». Many dissidents at that time also fell under such a definition. Fourous people were defined as the victims of the system. By the way, some of them were secretly proud of their Donokotsky status. In modern America, the whole marginal layer also appeared.

First of all, these are people who have lost their property and forced to live on the street. These are the realities of capitalist, western society that become relevant for us in Russia. Also, in view of the political events of recent time in the United States, a whole layer of people who support the politics of the former President Trump came to Marginala.

Youth informal trends, with their unique position, in the eyes of most essentially marginal. Each subculture has its musical preferences and philosophical views, and they often do not coincide or contradict public requirements. It was both in the USSR, society of justice and care about a person and is now in Russia, when we live in alleged democratic society.

Bunts, pogroms and all sorts of clashes, mostly organized marginal, political groups. By the way, marginal behavior is sometimes artificially attributed to a person, even if he is not. A society that does not accept an individual with informal glances is capable of «sculpt» an image of a person with a negative image within an hour.

Under this role, emigrants are most often falling. They are unfamiliar with the culture and language of the country where they moved. Emigrants are not unable to integrate into a new society. In this case, most of them are automatically turning into marginals. Only after a while, they adapt to this country and cease to be beyond.

Psychological science has not yet sufficiently studied such phenomena. But it is preferable to be an originally thoughtful person than a faceless curse in a cold society.