Who makes holes in asphalt and how it is related to the improvement of roads in Russia

You probably have repeatedly seen friends, as in the asphalt mysteriously appear round holes with a diameter of 10-15 centimeters. Perhaps you even saw the process of the appearance of such holes, when a group of road users, some device herself combat on the road surface. And after that, as after UFO, there are no more circles on the fields, but on the roads. What kind of mysterious actions, few of us understand.

So what is this disgrace? I would be glad if there were such holes, if they are so necessary for road users, then climbed back. But as life shows, the holes are close asphalt back not always. That’s what I managed to find out. The device to which the asphalt excavation is called —

I bring you

Once the cernotarics are designed to take asphalt samples, which means at the state level now increases control over the quality of the road covering? I confess, in the early 2000s, I practically did not see this. Although the network you can see the rollers as several road builders spread hot asphalt into road puddles. Apparently, we will not see this.

Indeed, as I learned from communicating with drivers, for example, in our Krasnodar Territory, the quality of the road surface improved by an order. Especially federal. But not only. Perhaps in the rest of our country, the situation is different. Write, by the way, friends, the roads in recent years have become better or not.

There is hope that at least in Russia and the climate is not quite favorable for roads, but control over the quality of the road cover. And all cases of increments of road builders will no longer be detected.

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