Who men will soon create families in Russia


Regarding European wives. We all have repeatedly seen how our compatriots carry legs from a fair European law, even having lost their rights to their children. There is a world of abundance. And in Russia, worthless and drinking men. And our women want both immediately, house, car, financial support. They believe that only there, far, far and not in their country there is a prince waiting only for her.

Divorce, perhaps and not for your fault, the divorce is severe from the legal and moral side, children do not remain with you, and it happens, you do not have them right. You can land if you are not paying alimony, and no one concerns that you have with work and how much you have for life. Here you are already in the position of the financial wallet, you will only have. «Again your dad is wisers from alimony,» the children about their fathers often hear. Will children have respect for the Father?

It seems to me that only families are now created by love. So that finance play a minor role. I saw her, and my heart beat — these are basically we hear as an example of a fleeting connection. A profitable party, a good position, knows how to spin — words from the mouth of our chosen to men considering the role of her husband.

Yes, in the USSR we remember many, life was different. We first talked about love, and then about a good and profitable party. And if the materiality was only in the future, the words «nothing, earn together», inspired confidence in us that it would be. Make money on housing, to create a family was more real.

In families now practically stopped communicating. We are as foreigners, duty phrases about the past working day, there are no general topics, since living next to we spend more time at work or on the road. Work colleagues know about us more than a native wife. Understanding this, many men in Europe or America come to the conclusion that they need a woman still with the traditional values of the understanding of the family. Able to cook, educate children, give her affection. And not a family terrorist, skillfully using his legal rights.

Marriages with Asian women are not uncommon. Perhaps it expects Russia. We have no family policy that will change the situation dramatically. Just swim downstream and fight on the focate. All sweating with maternal capital look like latch of holes in an unsuccessful family policy.

Dear friends! What do you think about it? I ask women not to scold me for such a sharp topic. I believe that in our country there are still women with a capital letter!