Whose Russian empire is actually before the revolution

We often tell the authors about the Russian Empire, who allegedly almost had enough to become a powerful state, not happened to the revolution of 1917. The economy has developed a gigantic pace. Plants and factories were built throughout the country, agriculture was on the rise. Workers received so much that in terms of modern money there is something to envy.

And as it really was. I spent my little research and was convinced that in the future of the Russian empire would not be waiting for nothing good. Neither in the economy, nor in the power of our army, since everything is interconnected here. It happened what happened. I will not say that everything went to the best scenario. But the Stalin’s industrialization gave real races to our development. And this is a fact!

Do you like numbers? Let’s start with numbers. Changes began to occur with the arrival of the reign of Nicholas II. It became mostly German influence on the Russian economy. If at the beginning of his reign, the share of foreign capital accounted for up to 30%, then it began to increase to 70% in 1913 and up to 95% in 1917. It is clear that we did not have a chance to win the Russian-Japanese war.

This is what Michael Court wrote, an American historian, who later studied the USSR, about Tsarist Russia:

So, at that time, Russia became a raw material appendage for the West countries. What to say if military orders in Russia financed the Vickers and Schneider’s military-industrial companies. We were at all the chances to win the first world? Control over gold switched to the London Concern «Dena — Goldfields».

Oil was controlled by the company «Roil Dutch Shell», Anglo-Dutch company, where Nobel and Rothschild were especially noted. The main developments were carried out in the area of Grozny and Baku. At the same time, in order to be able to trade on European stock exchanges, purely national companies had to inhibit foreign companies or banks.

This is what was written in the work of A.N. Zack «Germans and German Capital in the Russian Industry» published in St. Petersburg in 1914:

Further, this share increased dramatically. Why did it happen? Just western countries saw China of that time. Cheap labor, small taxes, many raw materials. In the first place in foreign infusion of capital was France. Then England, Germany, Belgium, USA and other countries went.

Do you tell me, what about the revolutionary events of the Putilov plant? Here is the data. At the plant of the Russian industrialist Putylova A.I. There were 21 director of Germans from 32, from workers 60% also Germans for hiring. All financial activities were controlled by the Bank «Union Parishen». Here you have a national heritage.

Yes, after the revolution of 1917, all plants and factories moved under the «People’s Office». And they served in the further good starting platform for the industrialization of the USSR. Do not be it, it is unlikely that we have expected a prosperous future. It would not work out to get out of this pit.

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