Why after bombing around the world the United States is called a friend

Probably, this is the highest pilot in politics or simply human insoluction. As after such an aggressive policy regarding the countries of unwanted countries, it is considered to be another, dream of living as well as in this country, in a democratic society, rich and utter? True, recently, the American democracy showed a completely different person and many began to think about.

After the events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the destruction of the large mass of the Japanese population, the USA strategic partner and friend of Japan. How did the short historical memory arise and where does the hatred for the aggressor? I note that Japan has a more wary attitude towards Japan and this is one of the reasons why the issue of former Japanese island, which took place after World War II.

Another state survived the aggression and bombing of the United States is Vietnam. There were many plots about this event in one time, books were written, films shot. Even Hollywood did not bypassed this topic, removing the famous blockbuster

In 1989.

Libya. 1986. Operation

Under the guise of retaliation for the explosion on board the aircraft, Rome-Athens flight on April 2, 1986, an explosion at the La Belle disco in West Berlin, which American soldiers attended, aviation strikes of the United States of the Libyan Republic were applied. In fact, this is the destruction of the enemy and receiving his oil-bearing wealth.

After all that happened later in 2011 and the end of the Arab state successful in its region, the United States remains for Libya a comrades and a good partner. Modern Libyans dream of living in the USA, although before they had life even more well-respecting and providing. The state in every way supported at all levels.

And we remember the most bright about this, since bombing strikes on the former Yugoslavia were applied in the very center of Europe.

There was a decay of Yugoslavia into several independent states, many of which became members of NATO and friends, partners of the United States and other European countries. All of them also look in the direction of the Zaochansky Comrade with envy and dreams to live as well. And before that, as it turns out, they lived not correctly, not in democracy.

Probably about this phenomena, how to avoid the Hague Tribunal, for the invasion of sovereign states and those disasters that were brought, the historians of the future will speak. But one thing is obvious that the retribution does not happen, it is enough to influence and keep in submission all the economic, legal, cultural spheres. Who is the next, who dreams of democracy?

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