Why are all signing passing machines with red flags?

As always, my friend said how she participated in the autochet, timed to the birthday of the leader of the revolution of Vladimir Lenin. We do not have a big city, a quiet provincial, the Kuban town by 60,000 people. Therefore, it is clear that the column of cars with red flags, and even on the days of Quarantine caused interest among the population.

I am not a communist and have never been before. My story will be like a person of non-partisan and living in justice all his life. Lepged to some party, waiting for a bright future or your career — not mine. In general, I think there should be non-partisanity and be simple, folk aligns. And now, it is swan, cancer and pike.

Imagine throughout the movement of the column, it was met by other drivers with extended signals and «huskies», behind windows windows. Machines in our time of self-insulation, still go a lot. But lonely passersby, also did not remain indifferent, shouted approvingly and filmed everything that happened to their smartphones.

I do not know how to describe the feeling that arose in my soul. And nostalgia and understanding that people remember and miss at times when we all were one. When there was a social justice and a sense of reliability. But it was all. But people remember only good.

Thanks to the USSR, we are now 80% of the owners of their housing, and not rented, as in other countries. We use developments in the production, science and culture of those times. And now, working in the province of 15,000 rubles, I do not know what year I can assemble on my housing. How to give a son learning and so that he still get a distribution for guaranteed work. There’s no such thing.

Do you not miss the summer or autumn times when we were sent to work in a collective farm? Then I did not love it, but now I remember with another feeling. I remember how even at school we went to clean the cherry or strawberries. As we embarrassed there, neglecting all the rules of hygiene, and then by returning all the bus fled to the toilet.

Funny case. But alive from that of our life. And I do not know if our children or grandchildren will have such a chance, to find out other than getting knowledge that there is still labor life. We are now complaining that our children want to get everything ready, do not work. We did not understand our happiness then, understanding comes now.

Often, in the comments I write,

Here with the same thoughts people and having met the red flags in the column, so lively reacted. They hope that from the soulless capitalism, we will be able to turn face to the social state, where everyone is everything in labor. Then there will be no shocks, because people will be busy business that benefits everyone who lives in our country.

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