Why blogger decided that men Afghans are real men, and Russians — weakliki

I constantly serve the new video blogger Artem Voitenkova. He considers many very interesting topics in politics, public life and it really

In many ways, I agreed with the author of the channel. But not this time. Perhaps Artem expected that the theme raised to them would cause some parts of the audience. Or maybe it’s just a good PR stroke, invoke interest to the channel sprinkling not by the diligence of Russian men.

At the same time, the blogger even began to offer the audience to unsubscribe from him if someone did not agree with him. I do not agree with 200%, but I will not unsubscribe, since people have a different opinion on any life questions and it is life that has learned to be wiser. And the author will not give such a gift as recognition only of his opinion.

And the topic of the roller was in comparison of men, the Afghan Taliban (a terrorist organization forbidden in Russia) and Russian men. According to the author, our men weakbanks and whiskers, since they do not want to raise children and continue their kind, referring to poor life and income.

And the Afghans are real men who raise the demographic of the country (it is one of the highest even compared to India and China, Arab countries), although they are in full poverty and do not even pour. That’s friends, I did not expect from Artem. Of course, for the sake of fame bloggers say and not.

What can I say on this? I have other examples from our real life. When the enemy comes to your house, the Russian man takes a weapon, and does not run from the country using a plane as a carpet-plane and clinging for all the protrusions. But here Artem led to the example of non-ordinary Afghans, but precisely the armed group of the armed group.

What cultural level does it lead to an example? Savage level for which only cruelty and all animal instincts matter. Therefore, demography rose, there was nothing more to have fun. In addition, the position of women is such that no one asks them, they want children or not.

A religion and level of medicine contribute to the successful completion of childbearing. What in Afghanistan men can be judged by how they massively run from the country, without their wives, sisters, children and old people. Excellent comparison Artem! Russian men are in equal rights with women.

We must seek your right to paternity and fulfill the standard of living that is a female half. If she wants to live on everything ready, and your opportunities are minimal, the family will not be, like children. Moreover, gender equality gives rise to serious scandals in the family, which would be impossible in Afghanistan.

The process of creating a family in Afghanistan and Russia is different. And then the case is not in the style and salisantness of the men of our country. When the role of a woman in Russia was insignificant and in Russian families there were 10 children. And the men were the owners of their lives, because they had to feed. And not paying the marigold, makeups and new outfits.

Besides there is

Where is the opinion of her husband, men and his rights are taken into account?

We have displaced values. Not necessary spending, goals and meanings in life. And there are no such problems. There is no civilization. And how can you compare? No way. So, Artem Voitolekov disappointed me very much. Although the voice of the journalist and the experience of the editor of two of their newspapers says, the author simply attracted attention to the topic and channel, although he understands that it is not right.

What do you think friends? Look at the video, and then let’s discuss the topic. From you subscription, repost and like!