Why cars «Volga» loved so much in the Soviet Union

About the Soviet car GAZ — 21 Volga dreamed of several generations of citizens. It was a beautiful car that not everyone could get. This car almost became a symbol of the era, although many believe that he succeeded.

Beautiful and attractive car still dream of getting many dreamers and collectors. But for what the car is so happy to citizens of the USSR? Developed this sedan was in 1954. For the industry of the Soviet Union, he turned out to be a real landmark.

It was created on the performance remaining from the Victory car. This car is very similar to those that were created in the 1950s. In the United States of America, and all because a lot was indeed borrowed to create a «Volga» from Western models.

For the first time, they launched this car into mass production in 1956. Of course, the car is one of the most beautiful in the history of the Soviet Union. Produced them until 1970. For the existence of the «Volga», the car saw three generations that it was impossible to distinguish with the eye.

They differed only with their «insides.» Since the design of the car was very successful, he became one of the most light cars in the USSR. If you compare the Volga with cars, which are produced today, then its characteristics may seem very funny.

Most modern motorists and car salon will not be able to impress. But in the middle of the last century, the car was considered one of the most modern, beautiful and productive. It was because of his beautiful appearance «Volga» attracted Soviet citizens most.

Most preferred this particular car than the «Moskvich», which looked less solid. In addition, the car possessed a spacious salon in which every citizen was able to feel comfort from the trip. As for the behavior of «Volga» on the roads, the car showed itself just excellent.

Nowadays, there are still people who still dream about this car. First of all, he bribes his cheapness, and is able to ride until the latter. In addition, today Volga eats much less gasoline than many modern cars.

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