Why criticizing Russia we are building illusions about the West

Definitely everything goes from perestroika times. Everything is fine there, and everything is not like there. I recommend you, look in YouTube

When he arrived back to Russia, he told in the rollers and showed what the difference between life in the West and in our country. As we do not know how to appreciate what we have. And we sometimes have significantly better living conditions and life. We want beautiful lawns in front of the house or their neighborhood (which even live animals live in America: ants, butterflies, etc.). We want beautiful fruits and vegetables (which do not rot and it is not clear what they are).

And also, we want such laws like there, the most justifications. We have fighters with power suffer, nourish their influence to the bridge Red Square and are still engaged in all kinds of struggle, but in France they took and executed the law to determine the remote. Law. And indeed, how everything is legally, and rubber bullets against protesters are also used. And we still have in any people. We really want to be as there, whistling around and smoke.

And what is, we have few people without a certain place of residence. Not as in the West. And people live in ruins and cuts of the 19-20th century, and not like civilized in trailers, their cars or removable accommodation. And how in the West love their homeland? So love that from the question that you think about the US policy are embarrassed. Do not want to say «Frequently».

If seriously, we have a honest number of problems and life is not paradise. But the further we will try to do as there, the faster we will forget what humanity and real understanding of freedom. We bring our entire lives in the semblance of life in the West and make it worse and worse. Do not forget that scientists and intelligent youth rides from the allegedly backward country. And what about? I am funny when they say, there is better education there, and it’s better. Where are millions of educated? If there is legality, why millions of prisoners are there.

Damn it, remove these pink glasses of imported illusion. You are from the Great Country, to achieve everything here, feel the strength, go to deputies, in power and make your country better. Do on the conscience, as once our ancestors said: «I have the honor!». With honor, your descendants remember you as a better person from our people. Not a rat, which rustled and dragged into its nest. You understand that such a long time did not continue. This is the law of life, which is always over us.

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