Why democrats were called on «Varvara» Channsley storming US Congress

Indeed, an interesting action occurred in the overthrown of American democracy. As you understood, I’m about the assault by supporters of Donald Trump Building Congress. I am writing the material after passions lay down. And as it should be, according to the law and the second law of life, the repression of those who dared to emerge on the basics of the basics began. Yes, still show it to the whole world.

I assume that with people who participated in the storming of the Congress will cost very hard. Drain them all, business time. At least, on the bearer who worked mobile phones in the area. Why the same strict actions were not undertaken when the uncertainty was held in many US cities, it is known for the same Democrats. There is a different case, everything went out in their favor.

The most interesting thing is that among the stormed the man was dressed in the costume of Barbara with a spear and the American flag. As it turned out after, it was a supporter of Trump, who came from Arizona,

A hint that the American Empire seeks to the abyss as before Rome and his new barbarians will also ruin, was obvious. It was seen all over the world, the grain of doubt in the past power, begins to be born in many arms. After all, Rome also faded gradually when expanding his borders already stopped controlling all parts of the colonies. I think, such a hint really did not like the democratic party came back.

And so, Channsley appeared in front of the County Court of District Columbia with an accusation of entry into the closed territory without legal grounds, violent invasion and violation of public order. It is quite convinced, according to such a symbolic and colorful figure from the number of storms, will be held by the entire severity of the executive system. As they say, so that there is no hastily, at the same time for the intimidation of the whole world.

At this person, they can «dump all dogs», sharpening the attention that he was in the building of the Congress, even with a weapon, a spear with the American flag. Together with Chanswing, another 55 people were detained, but I think the list will still expand. After all, 5 people have been injured and the need to cool the dust of the supporters of Trump and Republicans, here will be more than ever by the way.

Though the whole world and struck information about the assault of the capitol, but it does not happen for the first time. This is why it is not enough or just silent. Back in 1967, members of the leftradical organization of blacks also broke into the Capitol building

Then, everything ended quite peacefully. But pogroms, also flew throughout the United States, as happened and now in 2020. Perhaps the best thing that it was possible to get the black population, it was the plundering of all stores, in particular those trading with musical equipment. After that, in all the states began to occur recording studios, the owners of which were African Americans and such a musical direction appeared as

It was a plus for the black population. In addition, women really began to occur. What will happen now with the supporters of Trump, and most of them are the white population, those that participate in the real sector of the economy, and do not sit on the benefits, we will find out in the near future. I will say one thing, with the idea of returning production back to the USA from China, as the Trump wanted, everyone will say goodbye.

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