Why do I consider «my own way» the best traveled by bloggers

This is not an advertising material, but a mental impulse. Frankly, I’m crazy about this pair. And the most interesting fact besides all the other advantages, this is a story of dating

Vitaly first began to shoot a blog traveling around the world. An interesting supply of the material, a review of popular places of the Russian-speaking public abroad, and the main, high-quality and worthy installation of videos. Vitaly immediately appeared fans and in the future even friends on travel. So born

I always considered a pair in which a woman took the first step in meeting the man the most stronger. A woman knows what she wants and therefore, if she chose his chosen one, then this is from love, from the heart. If a man conquers a woman, then in this case, to prove the feelings will be all my life. Lisa made the first step itself. She was a subscriber of Vitaly and having achieved a meeting with him, immediately conquered a young man. Next journey, they went together.

And then it began. For several years

Lisa has become a head of the project, thinking in advance to travel plan. And Vitaly, it is golden hands, which is not tired, but tired, but removes, mounts and makes it brilliantly. Always wait for another issue and fall in love with this couple and their worthy work. I don’t miss their video and my mother, who unfortunately now sick and cannot walk due to the consequences of diabetes. For her, this is a sip of fresh air and a real fairy tale.

If you decide to travel abroad, and in our country, look at the videos

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