Why do people in the West turn themselves into «reptile»

The Western World captured the wave of removal. This is when normal and from birth the resulting image of homo sapiens, individual individuals are trying to turn into something, not human. Surgical way creating an image of aliens, reptiloid or demon. In general, an unpleasant sensible person is unclean.

This, it got into our house. We enjoy such individuals with pleasure, showing them to all sorts of television shows. It is good that the promise still remains not in a positive way. And the words: «My image that I want, I do,» Fortunately do not work. What can make people transformed in this vein? Let’s talk about it.

It is strange that people for transformation choose exactly dark images of all sorts of creatures. I personally did not see the images of angels with wings, snow white and other good creatures. And in general, with a big negative, I treat any transformation of a person if it is not medical records. I think most of you are solidar with me. Improved girls, with pumping all protrusions, too few people like.

Do you know that in the West girls began to pump their lips to themselves not to increase their level of beauty? I somehow managed to talk with my acquaintances who left for permanent residence in France. So, he opened my eyes to me, in connection with which the girls began to increase their lips there. Do you think for beauty? No. It was very surprised of me, as many girls in Russia surprise.

Glamor ladies in the West, seeing how busy are their business holders and spend almost all day or in the office or on wheels, began to adapt to the situation. Express. You think you understand. And you can go spend the allocated money for the next shopping. The phenomenon began to spread to all layers of society. As this fashionable course originated, no one thought.

So, back to those who turn themselves into «monsters». If I were a conspiracy that believes in an alien presence, I could justify this situation only by this. Imagine all over the world of people deprive sex identity, here to remember the legend that the aliens who were punched on the ground were flying to the ground. And their descendants are trying to turn us into themselves.

Like our land. By imposing ideas, after which you start thinking, well, who can mock so much with humanity? Elite? So they are the same people as we! Or isn’t it? Many trends based on the denial of humanity are simply not clear. Politicians, psychologists and other scientific representatives suggest that it is simply humanity undergoes evolution and transformation. Who, sorry?

By the way, this is a very interesting topic and maybe you have some kind of judgments. Let’s discuss in the comments. Why this is done, who is on your own process lead. Perhaps, truth can be born from assumptions. Or maybe the leaders of this process will write, why do they do it? Kidding! Like, repost, subscription to the canal.