Why do we repeat every time if there is data of the passport service

It was always interesting, why with some periodicity in Russia there is a census of the population. After all, there are actual opportunities to keep records of profit and loss of the population through passports, migration services? Yes, and the accounting of persons under 16, that age when a person receives a passport in his hands can be monitored by the presence of birth certificates. Or are some other goals here?

In our country, the system of «serfdom» is also practiced, the bindings of each citizen to the place of registration, previously called registration. That is, everyone knows about us and even where we are. The census in the same US is most reasonable, as citizens are not tied to one place of residence, but constantly migrate through the country. There is also a periodic census. It seems that the state has no complete data on its citizens.

This is what is said on the official website of the All-Russian census, which, by the way, was planned to spend from October 1 to October 31, 2020, but for the well-known events were postponed by April 2021:

Does not any more questions arise from such an explanation? Nationality? Why did this graph then removed from the passport? After all, I can name with the Hobbit and this data more trust? Language, education, marriage, etc. Do not have official data from all organizations or more confidence that we can come up in place? No base contains information about the number of children? Yes, you! But how was the presidential 10,000 rubles paid for children under 16?

Nobody gives a clear answer. Some shortcut. None of the facts that by the help of the census can be learn about the demographics of the population, its quality composition, find out how much the kindergarten, schools, schools, a clinic, how many people do not look reason for our retirement age. Everything is in the bases of various organizations, it is enough to bring them together and that’s it. In addition, if someone, for a long time leaves from the place of its constant registration, he still gets somewhere temporary registration.

The incomes of the population are also monitored by various data coming in the same pension deductions. As for those who work in black, so they can also be taken into account if they do not pay pension deductions. Or not? The most interesting thing is that 33,000,000,000 rubles stand out for the population census. From our taxes that could be spent more purposefully and with benefit to the country’s population.

For a bright comparison, the cost of construction in Moscow Park «Charger» cost 14,000,000,000 rubles. Co-financing of emergency housing resettlement will cost every 33 billion rubles. 6 billion rubles were allocated to the housing construction program in the regions. In the full amount, the organization and holding of the Olympiad in Sochi cost. Operation in Syria of Russia also cost 33 billion Russian rubles.

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