Why don’t do the money of physicians to them reach, the complete disrespect of the leadership for the president and medical caremakers

It is funny when even questions such as the distribution of funding for working physicians during the isolation period has to be addressed to the president. What is there to talk about other spheres of our life. On the ground «Princes» decide who are worthy of remuneration for their work, and who is not. When the doctors spoke about the accrued 50 rubles and others, too small amounts, Diva is given to how employees officials respect their employees and president himself.

In general, the situation in the country, I think, will make the revision of everything that happened and is happening with Russian medicine. A black hole that absorbs huge funds, but the exit issuing low salary of medical workers when they are signed for one accrued amount, and get another. When the lowest link does not fulfill its work, it is for these reasons. What a hippocratic oath here!

I myself recently faced such a problem, very closely. When I had to put a mother in the hospital and only my control over her condition, allowed you to save my native person. If the top doctors, with the help of my appeal to the Ministry of Health, have fulfilled their work, let’s say on excellent, then further rehabilitation was just disgusting. And what to expect, they pay little.

Many who have faced hospital problems of relatives or their will understand me perfectly. Here, it is definitely necessary for a normal and thoughtful reform, with full control of financial movement, state procurement, wages. Money comes enough, but they are disposed of people, absolutely not self-respecting their colleagues and presidential orders. Because, the habit of «saw» is stronger.

If someone wants to reproach me that good medicine is paid medicine, then look at the US paid medicine. Only for very much money you will seriously deal with, and their insurance will not cover and 50% of the necessary. So, the case is in a reasonable disposal of the available potential and control. Then, in our country they will not have to collect money using TV channels, for the treatment of children abroad.

And if children, we are still collecting huge, unknown as counted amounts, the adult population, and health problems, hopes only on God or luck. I would personally, forced to sign the medical officials of the contract of responsibility, where for the embezzlement and other actions that lead teams to the violation of the hippocratic oath are attracting the law throughout the rigor. And of course, it is fully necessary to revise the principles of work in modern conditions.

What do you think Friends? Have faced problems in medicine? Write your comments!