Why, during his triumpual victories, Napoleon felt the unfortunate of people

The key to the Personality of Napoleon can be seen in the own words of Mallo: «Napoleon carried the need to organize order in disorder.» First of all, like a nobleman, he appreciated the class principle of the Company’s organization.

Also, thanks to childhood spent on Corsica, the structure of the local patriarchal clan seemed to him the natural norm of life. It is known how patiently and thoughtfully, he was engaged in resolving the affairs of his countless relatives. Finally, military service taught his relations of submission and command.

The young general Bonaparte entered the political scene with a sense of disgust for anarchy, depraved magnificence and nihilistic freakibility of the directory. Perhaps we can say that his activity was an attempt to return France to pre-revolutionary ideas about honor.

So that the author of the book about Napoleon remains faithful to the idea to judge his hero his own court, he will have to remember the words of Emperor Mettherniu: «I hoped to tie the past with the present, but suffered an annoying failure.» In recent years, Bonaparte always considered his life as a sad and great defeat.

Although the first wife of Emperor Josephine Bogarna was six years older than him, it was she who became a representative and personification of the newest post-revolutionary freedom of morals. Napoleon felt himself the keeper of traditions and fragments of antiquity.

He met her in 1795 in the house of his friend, happy and slutty Teresa Talien. An experimental widow instantly discovered his head to primitive and wild commander, almost not known for women. On March 9, 1796, they got married, and 11th Napoleon left for the south.

His army had a battle in Italy. While the Triumphant Victory of Napoleon in the first Italian campaign shocked Europe, he himself felt the most unfortunate of people in those weeks and months. He was informed about the behavior of Josephine, which changed him while he fought.

The emperor did not believe, asked her to come, she promised him and repelled him again. At night, the emperor wrote her letters in which he blamed her in infidelity. This love fever lasted not long. But beautiful Josephine remained his first and only true love.

Subsequently, he never allowed women to influence her fate.

About 70,000 different essays, books, articles are written about Napoleon. Isn’t everything that could be told about him already said? And although each step of Napoleon is painted in numerous sources, it remains the most mysterious person in history to this day.

According to the popular writer Max Gallo, who wrote several dozen novels and hundreds of biographies, no one except, Andre Mallo, did not try to tell about Napoleon’s life from his point of view, that is, reconstructing his own perception of events, constantly remaining on his side.

Max Gallo in his book about Napoleon, entitled «Song of the Beginning», applied an interesting technique, which in the cinema is called a «subjective camera». The publication was encountered with great interest.

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