Why everyone got the stars on self-insulation

Which television channel did not open, everywhere the stars of the Russian show business talk about their life on self-insulation. How they finally began to pay more attention to the family, children and their elderly parents. How they are having fun, prepare at home, and do not dine in expensive restaurants.

There is only a big difference. If they can live in this version not only a month, but also a year or more, then a simple man behind a blue screen is eating pasta or buckwheat, give God the flavored spread and well if with a meat garnish. There is no money not only for self-education over the Internet, as we are advised, but elementary to food.

I do not think that such star inclusions cause us to lose and good feelings. Only irritation. Because living in one country, we live with them in two, different parallel universes. Yes, the problem is one associated with self-insulation, but the lives are different. I would be happy to see the report on the hard work of work, like me. What is alien to me.

All this in people is a great sense of inferiority. What are you a loser that all my life will work for a penny. And these kopecks you lost now at all. You do not give them to earn. I watch bloggers living abroad. TV told us that thousands of people remained without work in Europe and America. But forget to mention the realities.

Everyone who remained without work is paid without delayed benefits. Product assistance can even receive non-US citizens who are now there for various reasons. There are funds outstanding products. And we have? One of the famous churchmen of Russia recently said that people, if there is a problem, can ask alms.

In how! How to do it? And do not task such people, first of all, to organize assistance to people, their flock. I talked in a telegram-chat with a person who told me that he would be happy to be infected. In this case, he would not be hungry, because for the remaining at best, half a month of self-insulation, he only has 150 rubles.

I myself would be glad to sit at home, at least a month or more. If it were not reflected on the opportunity to earn. The Internet, also a reflection of real life and earnings here, is also reduced. Few advertisers, some industries have fallen out of business. And in order to explore a new situation, you need time.

My mother moved the operation in time, due to the complication of diabetes and we were discharged after an amputation of the legs just before all hospitals began to re-equip to receive infected. I would have the same problem now, I think I could lose it at all.

All the money before it went on medicines and related subjects to the hospital. And by the time of the statement, we turned out to be practically on zero. To this, a housing rental is added. The design and receipt of disability, started in the hospital, suspended before the end of Quarantine.

And here, we are our little family sit in front of the TV and look at someone else’s life. How everything is not bad for them and you can have fun. Then I go wash underwear, because the diapers we could not get and have to prepare a special food, for a patient with diabetes mellitus, because, we simply can not be like a lot of other products.

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