Why from modern adscriptions about the Great Patriotic Out of False

Now you tell me, times are changing, new trends. The directors are visible in a new way, and the actors are already vaguely represent, as it was before. But I will tell you the speech of classics: «I do not believe!» I do not believe that it is possible to turn modern films about the Great Patriotic War in a boring story, where more emphasis is on the love adventures of the heroes under the cannonade shots.

And it is difficult to perceive the film seriously when a modern glamorous lady dress up in a military uniform, after removing a ton of cosmetics, but sometimes forgetting about Botox. It all looks like once our games in the courtyard in the war. Where could I say: «Katya, you will be a military nurse today.» And the girl, as she could, portrayed the role of a girl sister on the seen films.

But here are serious games. Games in patriotic feelings. The past was the background to which modern, current realities impose. Previously, the main and secondary heroes of films about the war played strong, beautiful, muscular men, many of whom were the Great Patriotic War. What roles were Sergey Bondarchuk, Yuri Nikulina, Anatoly Papanova, Alexey Smirnov, Mikhail Pugovkin, Vladimir Basova, George Yumatov. They believed, empathized and sympathized.

I will not say that all films about the war are now poor quality. For example, the other day I watched the series «Diversian: Crimea». But otherwise the paintings appear in which the actors from the same base melodramatic paintings appear. Only here, they are applied to the military form of the Soviet Army and everyone also play, without soul and under non-zero scenarios.

The controversial appears and a new picture of the war «in Paris!» To understand what I am talking about, it is still worth seeing it, but even the poster of the film is already hinting a lot. From the Soviet period, we lost the main thing in the movie, which is always the main thing for the masters of the industry. Educational role. So that youth believed their heroes, because they are not any avengers or superheroes, but real people who are ready to give their lives, for their children, sisters, brothers, parents.

Most of us, of course, include a TV and watch the next creation of modern director about the war. We look thoughtlessly, not trying to analyze, receive a message to form our sense of love for homeland, patriotism. But we feel deep in the soul, everyone, something is wrong, something is missing, something our soul received something. And leaf further, with pleasure, lingering at the next repetition of the films «One old men go to battle!», «They fought for their homeland!»

Leave your comments Friends! What is the modern and Soviet movie for you? Advantages and disadvantages. And most importantly, do not forget like, repost and subscription!