Why Georgia called Russia wants to become Sakartvelo

Basically, such conversations arose immediately, after armed conflict between Georgia and Russia in 2008. It is believed that Georgia has become so called after the entry into the Russian Empire. However, it was even previously another naming of the Caucasian people in our country in the past.

First, the Russians called Georgians «Gursins», this data is since the time of travel Afanasia Nikitina. And only then, the letters were transformed into our usual writing. But the Georgians themselves in their own language call themselves

Other nations, mostly the nearest neighbors, Muslim peoples called Georgian

This king was famous for his gilded helmet in the form of wolf head. It is on the territory of the region of Kartli and Colchis, East Georgia, the formation of the future Georgian state began. And if you choose from two names, Georgia would be most congestive —

But the modern leadership of Georgia considered that such a name of the state only emphasizes a 200-tons of summer dependence on Russia, therefore it is necessary to get rid of it even so drastic. The call to change the name of the country on their maps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia was performed only by the countries friendly to it.

Now on the maps in South Korea and the Lithuania of Georgia. There is Sakartvelo. As a response gesture, Georgia renamed Lithuania in Bathuv. Such political gestures cause of course, more smile. Since, in fact, the state allegedly get rid of the influence of Russia, immediately fall under the dependence of Europe and the United States.

It is worth recalling that only thanks to the Soviet power after the collapse of the Russian Empire, he managed to return the city of Kars, Ozurgeti, Ardagan, Batumi in some part of Muslims by Turkey. And even earlier in the imperial past, to build a completely European species corner in the Caucasus. Here she is, coloniality in Russian.

In general, Georgia is written in many world languages and pronounced in different ways. As we know, not so long ago, some of the American politicians surprised that Georgia, so pronounces the word Georgia in English, is located in the United States. Yes, there are such diplomas and experts of geography even in the highest echelons of power.

In Europe, George can hear instead of Georgia. Turkic — Gurdzhistan. Changes something on a global scale, in connection with the change of the name of the state? I think nothing. Only the feeling of false independence will be created. But the question arises, in the case of an external threat, to whom Georgia will rely on Sakartvelo?

On your new overseas friends? Russia never waited for gratitude for what was done for this country. And helped to develop even to the detriment of his center. Many wonderful and talented people of Dadiani, Bagration, Breggvadze, Kikabidze, Gurdze, Gurdzaya, Meladze, Kancheli, Chavchavadze.

These surnames hundreds. And who of the famous Georgians who appeared after independence are you can call now? It turns out, was previously the unreacted exploitation of the intellectual forces of Georgia? Probably so. Maybe it was worth proud of the name of his country, Georgia and those people of whom she gave the world?

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