Why girls in legains attract men so

The leggings were once an integral part of the male, military costume for the 18-19th century. And according to a sign of masculinity, emphasizing all forms. But then, with historical arena, they leave almost exactly an eyelid. Drinking in the Disco 1970-80 era, already as an element of a female image. Who would have thought that such a transformation could occur.

We remember how the stars, our and foreign or leading morning charges dressed in these leggings began to appear on the television screens. Then they were especially bright, striking. Now, fashion for leggings is experiencing a new revival. Girls in leggings showing their forms on Selfie became a trend in Storsith Instagram.

For some reason, girls began to believe that they really like men, presenting their image with this element of clothing. Many of them do fitness and sports form is indeed the result of this work. It’s beautiful. As a man, I can really confirm us like such girls who followed themselves.

In addition, such clothes with all its attractiveness for the opposite sex quite «Puritan». Does not cause condemning feelings. And even to some extent associated with fitness and sports. All which of the men met in the morning the girls in the legs on a jog can confirm my words. Tell me not admired these girls?

And besides, they can not go anywhere from old installations that a woman with beautiful and wide hips, a sign of health and successful motherhood. So we thought always before. True, there is a category of men who believe that leggings allow women to perfectly hide disadvantages, cellulite and not at all sports form. Since the shape of Losin allows you to hide unpleasant facts.

As you can see, leggings today is a fashionable element of the female wardrobe. In addition, not expensive. They can be purchased

And in conclusion, we will take a little from the topic. A few words about male leggings. You know, men are still trying to achieve historical justice. For fitness and sports, men’s leggings have now become introduced. They are not so popular as women, but perhaps this is a matter of time. Perhaps leggings of deer skin of the 18-19th century were more popular. Let’s see how the trend flow will develop.

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