Why I uploaded after watching the movie «How to Marry Millionaire»

There are no friends, I didn’t upload a little from the topic of the film, filmed back in 1953 with the participation of star Marylin Monroe, Betty Grab, David Wayne. The rich is also crying, not my horse in film viewing, but the film that was shown on the first channel on the night of January 10, 2021 forced me to stay at the screen.

And you know why? Yes, men’s half will agree with me, another film with Monroe

The plot of the film touched the period of the 50s of the last century. And you know, friends, watching this film was akin to fixing on an aliens film. I’ll tell you why you understand me. The director’s camera captured the streets, shops, houses and the very life of another population. And I say not about another fashion, the manner is talking. Although all this is present.

People others. Americans of the 1950s. Look at the frames of the USA 2020-2021 and you will understand me. There, in the recent past, showing white Americans, life, life, their feelings. Now the population in ethnic plan is completely different. Very and very mecotted. On the streets it is very difficult to meet the same types of people who were in the 50s.

But only 70 years have passed. The same nostalgia for the past, I’m coming from viewing the French comedies of the 1960-1970s. Let us remember Louis de Fügen, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Pierre Rishar, Alain Delon and others. Where is the sparkling humor, gloss and spirit of Paris? He also disappeared with the epoch.

Was the new actors of the 2000s with Middle Eastern roots equally continue the era of high-quality French cinema? I’m talking about seven gatherings, Jamel Debbuz, Alain Shaba and others. Perhaps only a blockbuster «Taxi», with the participation of a member can come to memory. This is a different culture that cannot even repeat the success of the past.

World culture is now mercilessly lingering along and across. Recently, the multi-sieuled series shown by NetFlix

The story turns into fantasy, which will soon believe the entire not enlightened part of the Western public. By the way, black actor

But why so ruthlessly destroy, I will not be afraid of the word, world history? Turn it into a farce and a fairy tale? I think there will be a few more dozen years and in Russia, we will remain the only keepers, that real, western culture, which will soon disappear there.