Why in modern Russia people are not ready for the carcharing service

The mental health of the population needs to take into account, starting with the registration of simple manifestations of inadequate behavior. Here, the introduction of Crashing in Russia for businessmen turns into considerable false expenses. The society seems not yet ready to rent scooters with bicycles, and here to offer cars for hire.

In spite of any support and protection of Crachhering with laws, Majers behave simply as vandals, deciding that everything is created for them so that they can entertain and not think about responsibility, hiding behind the backs of steep parents. Noncompatacy and permissiveness from orphanage gives reflection in the behavior under construction under the established stamps of the behavior of others.

Take cars for hire and use the car as a toy, to twist and break it exposing to incomplete loads, that’s how the cutter is used. Other enterprising Deltsi, just allowed to disassemble the cars provided for rent, unscrewing everything that is possible and taking accessories, behave brazenly and disadvantaged.

Not yet time to introduce such services as recreation in a country where the accumulation of primary capital was not completed. The strong bundle of society due to the inadequate distribution of public goods that does not correspond to the relation to the contribution of their own forces and funds, in the end leads to the deviant behavior of individual groups of citizens.

The patient society can not be adapted to cultural behavior, until the normal attitude towards things and awareness of their place in society was in consciousness. Failure in the upbringing and educational system, as they say, gives its fruits. And not laws and legal acts can be adjusted, examples of the exemplary behavior of the parents themselves are necessary.

So that the younger generation absorb positive patterns. Then the carcharing will be the future for the population and business. It was still possible to imagine during the USSR. By the way, you will not believe, but Crachhering was even in the Soviet country. It was possible to rent a car and drive to it in the summer on the Black Sea or Baltic Beaches.

The car was respectful attitude. No one thought to destroy the car in a swearing rally. All because there was ideology and people were brought up according to public requirements. And what now? Well, I think you yourself understand and you know!

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