Why in Russia corruption not to win at least now

Corruption, courtyard and clan devotion, these are the main problems that Russia will not allow Russia to make breakthroughs in all areas in the coming years. As a result, the visibility of the sluggish movement forward, when one industry is developing, and five others go into a deep crisis. When we see a utopian reality on TV, and goes to the street gross truth of life.

Now in action, the variant of medieval suzera. The lowest links of officials, it is difficult to the highest, as it is precisely it picks up this link. The presidential decrees and orders are ignored, as the lowest link, they only act on the instructions of the highest, from which the order «saw» should be received or to let the budget.

Do you think in the USSR there was no corruption? We have heard of criminal cases even then. But at that time, the system did not work as a grain, but very thoughtful, which reduced corruption links. For example, in the internal affairs bodies, cleaning were frequent, after which the teams were replaced by former military. And the main thing that is not interconnected. Now the twenty-year-old young men are in the police, not yet sustainable psychologically.

As a result, these young men overestimate the wrongness that they fell on them and sometimes allow accession to corruption links. In any sphere in the USSR, they tried to prepare the replacement of chiefs in advance, mainly from the people, from the factories and factories and the chiefs saw how they breathe in the back of the head and wait when they were blind. This allowed them to behave carefully.

Especially the system of introducing inspecting, which revealed cases of corruption was strong. Now I did not even hear about this. I honestly do not know how to count on the development of the state, if the lion’s share of the budget goes into personal pockets, people who perceive the state as a kind of business option.

The public service is not a reward, it is the confidence of the people to address the issues of this people. An official is not the Central Asian Bai and not the Russian landowner with souls. Digitalization must first touch the official apparatus, with total control of any actions, the terms of execution and reporting open to citizens. If this is introduced, then it will be possible to talk about some kind of development of the country.

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