Why in the US does not rename the white house in color?

I watch television and do not recognize America. What happened to those whom we «prayed» in Soviet times. Is it really that shaken that we were satisfied with the arms race and the eternal threat of war? Relaxed? There were some alien essences, the third and other species, the parents number one, two and many wonders of this kind. Could we even smoke, be

Some questions. I do not know, freedom is if one cannot say one thing, then another thing to not offend someone cannot be touched upon people or even once again contact the question. So many frames in which the human spirit is stuffy. I watch the video of our Russian-pagan bloggers. They say that in America everything «OK»! There is no racism, everyone respected each other and quite cute people.

But the fact is that they communicate with the same emigrants from different countries that were not brought up in

It is clearly seen how many laws regulating the life of Americans are now going to harm them. How to deal with crime if the cops began to go on vacation without a content, just to not participate with this madness. Yes, and is it possible to put on your knees before criminals? Normal people do not understand. And they decide to commit at least such a protest elimination from the situation, because in the open, it is no longer done.

«Black life matter»?

With such a situation in society, it is quite possible to come soon and

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