Why in the USSR never had real communists

Starting this article to write this article, unwittingly remember the interview with the vocalist of the King and Jester group Mikhail Yurevich Gorendevoy. He somehow said that in the Soviet Union there was never communists. Considering that Mikhail was still a fantasist and a dreamer, these words were perceived with a smile.

Exactly until you think about the Communists in the USSR. But indeed, this communism in the USSR did not build. And now we will deal with why. The main reason for this is the fact that none of the people who rule themselves and grouping in the Soviet Union did not have the slightest concept of what communism is.

Yes, there were slogans, there were works of the great minds who wrote about communism in the XIX century, there were even the development (practical and theoretical) V.I. Lenin to overcome crises and growth difficulties. But after the death of Lenin, neither practice nor theory was never updated.

There were people who were engaged in the «scientific» communism «professionally», but they did not create anything, except for quotes, publications and the reissues of the work of party leaders, speeches and works of which, from a practical point of view, did not carry anything at all.

Under communism, the state should have developed towards democracy, and in the end it lost the most important condition for the construction of communism — the will of the people. The economic policy of the Soviet Union led to the complete degradation of the idea of the development of collective forms of ownership of the means of production.

The country began to flourish bureaucracy, corruption, party — nomenclature mafiosity, lots in all spheres of life and all other phenomena of the auditory leadership, while under communism they should flourish: freedom and competition for ownership, enterprises and activities, enthusiasm and creative Gusting the masses.

As for the leaders of the Soviet Union, they did not even understand where it was specifically to lead the country, and the people had scary to ask them. The same, who was still not afraid, could not do this because of the old habit of all the questions to solve in a narrow circle. The state was blind and deaf, as if in a dense fog, it did not know where to go.

Make the view seem to know where the Soviet Union should go, only the group of M. S. Gorbachev managed to go. But after she began to decorate the «signboard» of socialism, the basics of politics and the economy, she was afraid to touch, and as a result, a whole state was lost.

If you ask people today, what communism is, except that «everyone according to needs» or about the utopianness of the very idea of communism, no one can say anything intelligible. It’s not just like that. The idea of democracy, the national autocracy, the powerful development of the people’s economy is intentionally and systemically destroyed in the mass consciousness of Russian citizens by all available ways.

It started not today and not yesterday, but already in the USSR, when not the Communists won at all, and Vlasovsko is the White Guard ideology of the «historical» Russia, and not the idea of movement to communism. In fact, the revengers only were waiting for the moment when the tricolor can be taken out to the street, and legally add-on private property.

Thus, the form met, finally, with the content, and revenge was held.