Why inheritance retirement The most equitable offer of Mironov deputy

I think the most equitable proposal of the State Duma deputy and the head of «Fair Russia» Sergey Mironova

Earlier, «Fair Russia» in 2019 has already been published with such an initiative. But the Lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament rejected the initiative to transfer a pension by inheritance. I believe that this is one of the most reasonable and fair ideas that Sergey Mironov repeatedly lobbs.

Life expectancy in our country is fixed different. Each region has significant differences. For example, in the Chukotka Autonomous District, it is 63 years old, the Republic of Ingushetia — 82 years. However, there is an average value in Russia — 73 years. This indicates statistics and figures These are officially given and are taken into account in the planning of government spending.

Imagine that the person worked the whole life and his retirement accumulations were accumulated on government accounts. But, it happens in life any and not rare cases of untimely human care. It turns out that the state is no longer obliged to return to the person of its accumulation. Is it fair? Of course not!

If the average life of the Russian life of the Russians is declared 73 years, I think it will be fair to obtain it with close relatives before this period of not surpassed pension. In our State Duma there are the most wonderful initiatives of deputies, but this is one of the most correct and determining sense of legality.

By the way, the other day, on February 9, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has already made moves in this direction, signing the decision that will come into force on January 30, 2022 and will apply for the receipt of pension savings by the successors of the dead insured persons in electronic form.

The ruling of course, not approved the law, at any time can be canceled, but it is already happy.

It is remembered by Russian President Vladimir Putin gave instructions to the government to think about how to implement it in the near future. Think for a long time with such reserves and wealth, which is in Russia just strange. Wait and see!