Why is there no more revolutions in a militarized US, but only rebounds?

You never had thoughts, why in such a militarized state as the USA, where almost everyone has a weapon, from the moment of independence from the British Empire, never had revolutions ever? The mini-revolution, which occasionally occur in America more like gangster robbery, where people widow reward soon calm down.

At all a few years ago, such a situation, which is happening now, led also to mass pogroms and robbery. But everything gradually lay down. The only thing that served as a positive point after what was happened is the mass discovery of African American recording studios and the emergence of such a direction in music as hip-hop. Here, where the whole plundered technique was gone.

Modern America is a country of oligorka, a corporate plan, where dozens of persons are united into one whole, which taxes all and all in the world, and in their own country and is suppressed. Can the US citizens not be afraid to talk about politics? No, this is confirmed by many of the bloggers who tried to speak with ordinary people to political topics. Is this what is the freedom of speech? For the words, after all, they can even dismiss from work, it happens there.

America has always been in hard control. Leaders of any movements have always been either controlled or got rid of them. As it happened in 1968 with Martin Luther King, a fighter for the rights of blacks. And there were still dozens of ordinary political figures, which were simply eliminated. And no one shouted on the whole world on these facts, as we have after what happened to Boris Nemtsov. It is impossible, there is a democracy, and that happened simply disposal.

United States Melting People Copper. But the fact is that these peoples do not particularly want to mix and feel a full-fledged nation. The people still live in groups on racial or national signs. The Chinese are especially closed. While these groups are stronger. But what will happen the section of the United States on a racial attribute, there are already prerequisites for this.

Most likely, it will be even a racially national section. From the south in the USA, the Spanish-speaking peoples who hold their culture are massively coming. For all states, somewhere more, somewhere less the African American groups. Chinese groups are in all cities. Who wants to break the situation in their favor — the question. Perhaps not even black population, but Latin.

It is they who can go to the United States for some revolutionary actions, since the state is difficult to track what is happening in the family-related clans of the Spanish-speaking population. All other political jacks, simply dissolve in history, due to countering state structures of the United States. About your dozens of nonsense, this country does not like to spread.

What do you think friends? Will there be a second revolution in the US? Write your considerations in the comments! Like, repost and subscription by tradition!