Why Lukashenko in Belarus does everything right

Before you say about Belarus, let’s talk a little about such a state as Libya. What was during the reign of her leader Muammar Gaddafi. Of course, Western states were supposed to be called his Tiran, a usurper, which repressed their citizens. From their words, hundreds of thousands of Libyans languished in prison in prison or were simply destroyed. And this said the state itself holding a prison for political prisoners in Guantanamo.

And what did Tyran really do for his citizens in the economic sphere? The lion’s share of income from the extraction and sale of oil came to social development. Good tyran. Dream of tyranny. Let’s list what benefits had during the rule of the Libyan leader of his citizens:

And how do you tyranny? Is it possible to leave such a sample of the equitable distribution of natural wealth? Democracy and Libya came, now a poor state, which is stolen that only possible, and the leader arranged «human» honors. But now, everything is fine, every hero in its area, robbery and nothing from social. Live as you want.

Now let’s go back to Belarus. You remember that there was during the collapse of the USSR. Almost the same as in Russia. Crowds of people without work, shopping and sales in the markets from the ground. No products. No wages. And then for 30 years of his reign, Tira Lukashenko made all enterprises work, pay salary, to fulfill social obligations. Benefits exist for people with disabilities, pensioners and other socially protected citizens.

It is clear that there is no oil in Belarus and over revenues. But the working economy made it possible to achieve a lot. It is clear that Russia’s ally under side will not arrange the West. Again conversations about tyranny and clogged population. We need democracy and Belarusians migrant workers in the Baltic, Polish and other European markets. As a result, recent events in Belarus with coordinators from Europe Democrats.

Yes, the state is forced to resist the pressure of the West, so as not to mold off the European Union Pie does not receive sufficient funds into the economy. Because the American Horion does not make money into money in the country not loyal. But the backs are going. You must live in the Legal State! (Yeah, as it is now in the USA?) People should be free from tyranny! (Yes, yes it’s not about America for sure)

And how should the state react, with an active leader, if someone wants to turn Belarus to Libya? Say, let’s guys share power who wants? I understand, life and there in Belarus and we have no sugar in Russia. It would be easier if no one touched us with pointers how to live, with political intrigues, sanctions. We did not dictate to us that we have no democracy. But it is in principle no anywhere, even in an overtance of the ocean.

Of course, very sorry for people who went to the instigators in confrontation with the police. I think Lukashenko also will now understand that there are not 30 years of stability, but the reforms in the state and the participation of people in public life. It will be interesting to see what steps it will take. But what he comes correctly by saving the country from Bardaka, that’s for sure. I hope we will not get another Libya.

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