Why many are not satisfied with the choice of singer majp on Eurovision contest — 2021

You know, probably not only I had the feeling that the choice of singer’s drawings for speaking at the competition

But why such a repertoire? Enchanting in front of the Western public? What do we have people, emigrants, too, how and in Europe have equal opportunities? Have and what? Why then the song about the Russian woman. Yes, and the song does not take away the soul, but hears as a parody. This is what the singer herself said, after the announcement of the qualifying competition results:

From the text of the song, it is not clear that the country is bright, open, not like. Solid nonsense. Parting of the motives of the Russian song. And the team of the patience is clearly without signs of national orientation. Why would not choose at all, neutral theme of the content of the song? What do not like many people, such as social networks?

As I understood, I do not like that songs with such text and title «Russian woman» face of the Tajik migrant. Many would be glad to see Lazarev, Buzov, Buranovsky grandmothers, Morgenstern. And all this despite the fact that these were the results of a visual vote (maybe our workers from Tajikistan tried, kidding).

Obviously, Russia will go to the competition in order to «just be involved,» without counting on the audience sympathies. Judging by the past contests, we are purposefully sued and cut off. Almost like in sports. We consider the happiness that they do not deprive the right to perform under the state flag. And now we are just playing, the song is like Russian, and the type of almost like Europeans.

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, another information occasion is connected.

Obviously, everyone that the drawing will not be able to produce such a furyor, as they could do Little Big without even participating in the competition. But life sometimes gives such jokes. Maybe seeing our performance and such a mediocre song Europeans will make it all the opposite to get us and give the palm of the championship to us. I’m not counting on this.