Why many experts believe that there were no middle ages in the history of mankind

In school, everyone taught the history of the Middle Ages, and in the textbooks, all this epoch is in detail the chronologized and described quite logical. However, many lovers of history are only now, returning again to the Middle Ages, begin to notice a huge dissonance in all information, to which today you can access.

The fact is that before the textbooks and some samples of historical fiction there was nothing where schoolchildren could draw information. Today is the information of the overabundance, with the most reliable, because we began to be published absolutely all the works of scientists who were engaged in the era of the Middle Ages.

But closer to the point. The whole history of mankind today is divided into prehistoric time, the period of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the time is new (plus the newest). As you know, antiquity ended in about the 4th century of our era, when the Roman Empire fell, the empire of Byzantine appeared, and Christianity treated.

The Middle Ages ended approximately 1000 years later, when the era of great geographical discoveries came and the first sprouts of the industrial revolution appeared. However, peering in later periods of antiquity, it is possible to find that the sprouts of the industrial revolution appeared before our era.

Recall Archimedes, Gerona Alexandrian, Archite for the Tartan and hundreds of other ancient scientists and mechanics who invented very interesting and useful things. Maybe someone does not know, Geron invented a steam turbine and developed the basics of programming, and the archite launched the first piloted glider.

About Archimedes generally silent — its inventions are well known. But the most surprising, as soon as the antiquity ended, everything that was invented by ancient was forgotten for 1000 years, even concrete, from which the Romans built almost half of their empire.

For the first time, it all begins to emerge again only in the Epoch of Leonardo da Vinci, who allegedly considered the inventor of numerous mechanical «wickers», and after which people began to unwind the flywheel of the technical revolution. So, many begin to grasp the legitimate doubt whether these 1000 years of the Middle Ages were?

And did they come up with modern scientists with some kind of goals? After all, it is impossible to imagine that while still the ancient Greeks invented flamethrower («Greek fire»), a more primitive powder artillery was able to start using only 1000 years later. The same applies to culture.

Compare an antique culture from the medieval — in the Middle Ages there was no culture at all. Where are all medieval writers? Why did they all appear only after the Columbus opened America? And yet: why the Byzantine Empire, which allegedly existed 1000 years, was not marked by completely no success in technical or culturally?

It can be noted that for a whole 1000 years of Byzantium did not develop either on the iota — as he entered his story with Roman technologies, and came out of it with them 10 centuries. It is extremely suspicious because unnaturally. Even the ancient Greeks in 1000 years of their ancient history made a huge jerk forward.

In general, completing this small study, it can be said so — perhaps there was no Middle Ages. And all that is written about it — falsified. Why, why, for what purpose, this is already a completely different question, the answer to which you need to keep looking for, search and look again.

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