Why Maria Shukshina called the spiritual diversion creative on television

I also remember our last country of the USSR, in which the TV hosts received rewards for real and useful things on the information field. These programs mainly carried useful for people, formed and brought up. Now, TV presenters receive the «Teffi» awards for programs showing scandals, invasion of personal life, digging in «dirty underwear» and the delicate of inheritance between relatives.

I will not give examples in order not to go to the individual, but you can hardly in the soul, when the inheritance discussion has just gone and other popular personalities begins. Who, how, with whom when. What do they achieve this? Respect for those people whose creativity we were happy at one time, and they themselves considered almost an example to imitate? It raises quite the opposite.

As television drivers say, such content want to watch the audience. This is their desire and interest. It’s a shame how appreciated us. But do we have a choice? After all, most people never changed their favorite channels to decades and it still stretches from the Soviet period. As they say, the first one is always the first!

The actress has always paid the public attention to the negative content of the current-show programs shown on federal channels. She is a media personality and she has an opportunity for this. Unlike votes of ordinary citizens. Of course, sometimes perturbations from programs in social networks reach the tops. But, is there any result from this? People continue to consume these video pictures.

Because, there are no public committees that would make comments to television drivers and were the mouthpiece of the masses. I think now in the comments, many readers will agree with me that the emergence of such a committee would be as it is impossible.