Why now in fashion men’s hoodies-mantle

Always when I see new-fashioned mantle sweatshirts, I remember the video clips of the 80-90s of the last century «Enigma» and Gregorian groups. Men-destroyed mantle performed popular composition in the style of Catholic chants. Tell me who did not twist these records at that time? Perhaps everyone went through it.

Recently, the mantle began to go into fashion again. Mostly youth. Honestly, in his 49 years I would not have refused such an interesting apparel. The image of the mantle is actively operated in the film industry, it is enough to remember

Loves mantle and popular

In addition, the mantle hides the flaws of the figure perfectly. If you spoke a bit after the holidays, who will notice it? There are also various versions of mantle.

The main colors are of course dark. Black, gray, dark blue or dark red. But the fabrics can be made of cotton with the addition of wool or acrylic or knitted. To create a brutality effect, leather, suede inserts are sometimes used. Mantles are created almost for all seasons, so if you are a fan of this type of clothing, you can find winter, insulated options.

And in conclusion about the price. Yes, at least a mantle and now fashionable clothes in a male wardrobe, the price of them is not translated,

Adults and with sufficient men, also prefer these models. About this, I can judge the sales ratings of online stores. So, after 40 years you can also look quite anything.