Why now the silent asymptomatically feel the smell of vinegar or others

Friends, recently learned interesting information that people who have surrendered well-known all the troubles asymptomatically, sometimes smells of vinegar or acetone. Sometimes it may be the smell of sulfur or tobacco. This information is very interested in me, since I felt something like that. I’ll tell you under what circumstances.

Maybe a week or two ago I went to the Network grocery store located near the house. As always after work. So, choosing products, I suddenly felt a sharp smell of vinegar. Somehow it became unpleasant, but what’s interesting, no one around the sellers around, which is why you in the store smells so much.

This smell of course was unpleasantly surprised by the human indifference to him. But I wrote off all this for possible processing of technical personnel of the room and trading furniture by acetic solution or similar household chemicals. I thought so and forgot. True, the next store also smelled, but I decided that just a sharp smell remained in my nose.

I did not hurt so much. True, there were some strange feelings that it throws you in the heat, sweating appears. But there is no temperature, it remained normally 36.6, there was no cold, the throat was not hurt. And only now I saw the material in the network, in which a person said that he had sought the father in his family, but other members of the family did not show up the symptoms.

But the fact that the asymptomatic person the smells did not disappear, but on the contrary appeared atypical: vinegar, sulfur, ammonia or tobacco it was very strained. Here you do not even know what to do. To go to take the analysis, trying to break into the queue, as it is time to edge. Or not to pay attention to it, just listen to your well-being.

Recently on the Canal Moscow 24, the otolaryngologist of the highest qualifications Alexey Koshelev expressed his opinion that the smelt hallucinations are akin to the loss of smell. Here is a quote from the program:

In general, I will not give the entire text of specialists from the program, but they really confirm that such odors can accompany the disease to all known trouble. As with the second symptom, the lack of smell. Of course, in any case, you need to contact the specialists that I will certainly do. And if you encountered it, I recommend that you.

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