Why nuclear tests of the USSR are confused with the wars of the past

The theory of the possible nuclear war of the 18-19th century has now become a fashion. Bloggers, alternative history researchers lead arguments.

And indeed, the lakes are many. They are near many cities, as if they really applied to these cities in the past. And the names in most intact, as if the people’s memory retained something negative associated with them. If these are crater arising from the nuclear explosion, the correct form of a circle, lifeless after radiation aqueous surface, everything seems to converge with such consequences.

Exploring many materials that were related to nuclear tests in the USSR, military, national economic, was convinced of the absurdity of the theory of the Nuclear War of the Neighted Past. In the period from 1949 to 1962, 221 nuclear explosions were conducted in the Soviet Union. These were terrestrial, air, high-altitude, underground, underwater, cosmic tests. The main place was the Polygons of the New Earth, Semipalatinsky, Sarah Shagan, Kapustin-Yar, Totsky.

But it is possible to list the location of nuclear explosions in population purposes in all Russia. The scatter is huge. There were only about 124 explosions. On this map you can see and make sure of their broad scale. I do not think that small explosions or secret tests were taken into account. Who checked the impact of radiation on living nature and man? It is possible to collect data occurred. However, it becomes terribly when you see on the map with peaceful explosions, those sites that are now covered by forest fires.