Why Popular blogger Alex Brezhnev now left US

Again, the Internet community is keen, discussing the next news. A popular Russian-pagan blogger from Ukraine, working truckers in America and relieving rather popular rollers about life on another continent finally returned home. Everyone watched an air travel with interest

Himself watched unreight of this video tour, where Alex was thoroughly neglected and admired all the charms of the quality flight. But the audience at the arrival of Brezhnev to Ukraine, numerous questions immediately began to appear.

I already wrote about Alex in the article

But those people who have long been to the subscribers of Alex, his

Would such an increased interest in blogger already at home, after hitting and such detailed reviews from America? No. But the intrigue launched by Alex about his wife, expulsion from Canada, added a lot of agitating. Increased interest, with the limb about the topic of the United States. I think everything is fine with him and do not stand the audience to worry. There is nothing, as they say, besides business.

But departure from the American continent was natural. The number of orders for the carriage of goods began to shrink, as well as the payment. Difficulties with our global problem also complicated work. Moreover, the riots in many states also poured a spoonful of tar. And wait for these times, any reasonable person will go only home. That Alex did. So, sometime reports from America we will still see.

At the recent Stream, Alex Brezhnev promised to replace reports from Europe soon. Yes, and about Russia he spoke with great warmth and interest. He is the man of our still generation from the USSR. Such people do not share our world on the states of Novodeli. So, they will still appear to us new and interesting reviews of the journey to everyone a loved blogger. Still just begins!

I will be glad your comments friends! Write what you think and how you canal and the work of Alex Brezhnev. Like and subscription by tradition!