Why Russia fulfills the requirement of a foreign agent

Sometimes targets require victims. Suppose our «friends», for our borders, calculate different ways of struggle and final elimination of Russia with international arena. Maintain a different kind of fighting, can be fraught. Boomerang will return from our triad. Ideologically put pressure on it. Economy Shatko, Valko, but works even without foreign infusion and financing.

What to do? But let’s start the world in the world, which herself splits over continents and comes to us to Russia. «Friends» thought, their economy is stable, lingering a bit, but stands. But the Russian, in the closed world will finally get up. The people who lost work will be raging. And what if it turns out to break Russia in such a way. And so, the World Health Organization provides instructions.

The whole world is «on the ears», the truth is not for us. And in democratic lumps, USA, France, Germany, Great Britain. People are not satisfied that they go to muzzles, and still remain without work. Which organization is now undivided effectively in our country? Right — WHO! We passed the heavy rink of almost all global organizations and their satellites that fulfill any of their requirements.

Under the satellites, I mean the media of Western countries. And you know organizations. And they touched on different directions, information, military, energy, financial, sports and others. It is not necessary to wait for the mercy, since although we are members of many world organizations, we have never allowed to head at least one of them. It turns out, for them we are worse than any applicant from the African country.

But the topic of health was for the Western the easiest reason to invade and lead the processes in Russia. It is very surprising as we opposing themselves to the Western world, we begin to introduce the rules of infringement of human rights. I am talking about the upcoming introduction of immune passports and certificates about vaccination. Tell me how much is the democratic step? Limit a person in rights.

Such ideas are assessed in the West, there for the first time and have already become implemented. WHO is the only organization with a significant impact in our country, although it is also essentially a «foreign agent». Many bloggers broadcasting on YouTube and living in the West recognize that in this situation only the countries of the former USSR live on softer rules.

Perhaps the Government of Russia makes attempts to reduce the degree of gas situation. And something, even withstand WHO. Fast creation of vaccine and its application. By the way, former President Trump also entered the conflict with this organization. I hope we have enough mind to withstand foreign influence, not to turn into that information and legal concentration camp, in which people are now abroad.

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