Why Russians and Chinese women go to give birth to the USA.

This loophole in the US law, which is used by the most «patriotic» citizens of many countries, is recently trying to close

Rich Chinese women and Russian women of course could find quality services with sufficient funding in their own country or as a last resort in Europe. American baby band stands

It’s all about the receipt by the child of American citizenship and passport on the world’s right. Hence the resulting: visa-free entry in more than 180 countries of the world, upon reaching 21 years old, the child can contribute to the receipt of Greencarts to parents, there will be no barriers due to various sanctions for doing business and so on.

I was interested to know the opinion of Russians about this fact. I discussed this question in one of the chat telegrams and phoned my friends. And it would be better if this topic did not raise. Hot turned out to be theme. Everyone recognized that medicine in Russia does not cause confidence in Russia. But here’s the fact that people who have grown in Russia, who succeeded here, speaking in Russian, stop identifying themselves from their homeland, no one understood.

The American passport gives not only benefits. All US citizens are obliged to give an oath of loyalty to this country. And as they say, there will be no sit on two chairs. All your oaths of loyalty to our homeland, etc. The adoption of federed citizenship is annulled. Now, in theory, you know the state secrets of their homeland, you are obliged to transfer them to America.

Many of you can also say so where America and where Russia. There the embodiment of all ideas, dreams, and what standard of living! Partially you are right. Tell me, if everything is so good, science is better, education and the like, why not hundreds, thousands of American citizens who have succeeded in science? Everyone was developed and database in their countries and came to the United States to earn. And this country uses you.

On a global scale, perfect PR was held, America is a dream, the realization of its abilities, worthy of earnings.

Often, when our domestic stars tell how they went to California, in order to give birth to their offspring on the village of Earth, not only I have one, the question arises. Guys, if there is so good, conditions are better than here, civilized people — what do you do here? Or here you are comfortable to chop money on siery and beggars?

I love my homeland very much, the hundreds of generations of my ancestors lived here, we survived all the experiments of the ruler’s mountain.

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