Why should you vote for amendments to the Constitution of Russia


I understand that the topic is acute and before you are in something to condemn and indignant think what you want

Do we need amendments

Article 67, On the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.

Priority of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on international treaties.

We want to put our culture for the ban? I think no.

Need amendments and to

Yes, disputes go. People do not quite understand all the subtleties and having severe life circumstances are sometimes amenable to persuasion of those who do not need these amendments. And what about, they will lose the opportunity to sit on two chairs. They need to continue to «milk» Russia and keep a report before overseas leadership. And then they lead the final argument. The president wants to rule forever. Well, let’s discuss it.

If you do not consolidate these amendments with a new presidential period, and this should happen in any case, as it will be

Will they, our national leaders? I do not think when they will work out the sponsors invested in them. Therefore, let’s give the opportunity to clear the power of the constitution from people of passing and not connecting your future with Russia. I absolutely do not like democracy on American, which can teach a three-year-old ear on clay legs with a bunch of global problems.

We have a thousand-year story for which we are bad poorly, but coped with emerging problems. And we do not teach anyone the rules of life. Let’s better embody in our real life, and not with a loaf to the West, all the ideas to improve the life and well-being of us and the whole country. And even if someone wants to blame me that I

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